Lead Manager - User DashboardPolaris Global LLC, a company active in the Personal Development business needed to replace their aging crm/lead manager system with something more modern. Their old system was written in pure php without the use of a framework and didn't implement an MVC pattern which made it cumbersome and difficult to maintain and expand. It's design was also dated and because it mixed HTML with php logic, updating it would have been a daunting task.

It was decided to make a clean break and rewrite the whole application from scratch, basing the new system on Yii with a Bootstrap 2 frontend. Following a number of analysis sessions in which we documented their requirements for the new system and the functionality of the existing Lead Manager, we proceeded with development and managed to have an initial version in two months. A further month was spent on debugging, refinement and implementing new features that the client wanted added after the initial analysis was complete.

Once development was completed and we were both satisfied with the functionality and stability of the new Lead Manager, data migration from the old system was planned and a transition procedure was devised and executed during a low-use time window. Transition was smooth and the users were using the new Lead Manager with minimum downtime and interuption to their work.Lead Manager - My Leads

The new Lead Manager features among others customisable autoresponder templates, scheduled autoresponders, integration with Mailgun, and 3-click landing page creation from a variety of pre-defined templates. Using Yii as our foundation gives us flexibility and allows us to quickly and reliably implement new features as the client requests them.

In order to minimise user confusion in the new system, it was initially decided that the interface should mimic as closely as possible the old Lead Manager interface which meant that a lot of features and aesthetics offered by Bootstrap had to be put aside but after two years of use it was time for something fresh and new. A beautiful new Material Design template based on Bootstrap 3 is currently being worked on (Jan 2016) and is planned to finish in a few weeks.